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Below you´ll find a list with the services Hestair Aviation Consultancy has to offer. The offered services are fully tailored to the customer’s needs and requirements. The approach is straightforward, professional and customer oriented.


Hestair Aviation Consultancy can assist in the  building, or the updating of your Safety Management System and/or your Compliance Monitoring System to meet or support your individual organisation's needs and regulatory requirements (EASA and /or ICAO). 

Hestair Aviation Consultancy provides in-company system development, recommends infrastructure requirements, compiles procedures, audit plans, associated documentation and the necessary meeting structures to make your system a success. This can all be combined with on-the-job training for your personnel. 
Even if you have a well working system Hestair Aviation Consultancy can help you with certain subjects that might require expert assistance like risk assessing your operation, implementing 'Management of Change' procedures or setting up Incident analysis. 


Hestair Aviation Consultancy specialises in training. For 2018/2019 new courses have been developed that are offered as in house company training. If you are an aviation organisation and you have a number of people that need to be trained on the same subject it is a good idea to contact us and see how much you can save on training by hosting the course at your company. You may also invite partner organisations or your  Authority to join in and divide the costs! Courses that are on offer are:

2 day EASA Part Air Operations course

3 day Ground Operations and Flight Operations Auditing Techniques  course 

3 day Auditing techniques course for Authorities

3 day SMS Evaluation Techniques for Authorities

3 day Initial or advanced ICAO SMS/EASA Management System courses

If you would like to see the detailed course syllabus please contact us at

There is also the option that Hestair Aviation Consultancy creates a new course just for your organisation or tailors any of the courses mentioned above.

One of the clients of Hestair Aviation Consultancy is the JAA Training Organisation. The list of courses below are the courses that are being taught for the JAA. Courses can be tailored to suit your organisation.
Please contact the JAA for more information.

1 day Safety Management System Executive Briefing

3 day Part Air Crew course

2 day Accountable Manager course

3 day State Safety Programme course for Authorities

3 day Nominated Person Flight Operations and Crew Training course

3 day Nominated Person Ground Operations course


As a seasoned Lead Auditor, both for the industry and the authority, Hestair Aviation Consultancy can assist you with completing your audit programme or prepare you for your initial AOC application audit.